16 December 2009

Searby, Denis M. (ed.) (2007) The Corpus Parisinum: a critical edition of the Greek text with commentary and English translation. (A Medieval anthology of Greek texts from the Pre-Socratics to the church fathers, 600 B.C.-700 A.D.) Translated, with commentary and introduction by Denis M. Searby; with a commendatory foreword by Dimitri Gutas. Books 1-2. Lewiston etc.: Mellen. XIII, 1000 p. ISBN-13 978-0-7734-5300-5 (set), ISBN-10 0-7734-5300-8 (set). Price not stated.

See a review by Maris VALTIN in SHT 9.R.7 (2008), available online at http://www.ut.ee/klassik/sht/2008/9.R.7.html

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