16 December 2009

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This collection of articles and bibliographies provides a comprehensive history of letter-writing theory and instruction from Isokrates to e-mail. The main part of the book contains eleven essays: "Classical epistolary theory and the Letters of Isocrates" (Robert G. Sullivan), "A conversation halved: epistolary theory in Greco-Roman antiquity" (Carol Poster), "The ars dictaminis, the formulary, and Medieval epistolary practice" (Malcolm Richardson), "If you can't join them, beat them; or, When grammar met business writing (in fifteenth-century Oxford)" (Martin Camargo), "From ars dictaminis to ars conscribendi epistolis: Renaissance letter-writing manuals in the context of Humanism" (Gideon Burton), "Dictamen in England, 1500-1700" (Lawrence D. Green), "Letter writing and vernacular literacy in sixteenth-century England" (W. Webster Newbold), "Humanism and the Humanities: Erasmus's Opus de conscribendis epistolis in sixteenth-century schools" (Judith Rice Henderson), "Letter-writing instruction manuals in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century England" (Linda C. Mitchell), "Vestiges of letter writing in composition textbooks, 1850-1914" (John T. Gage) and "Letter writing in the late age of print: electronic mail and the ars dictaminis" (Joyce R. Walker). In addition, there are seven extensive appendices containing bibliographic data for various periods of letter-writing instruction.
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See a review by Martin STEINRÜCK in SHT 10.R.5 (2009), available online at http://www.ut.ee/klassik/sht/2009/10.R.5.html
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This book is a revised version of the author's doctoral dissertation of 2004, which was given a Günther Wöhrle Award in 2005. Its main aim is to show that the Roman Persönlichkeitsdichtung begins already with Lucilius. Thus, all central aspects of Catullus' personal poetry can already be seen in the work of Lucilius. The main part of the book consists of a detailed thematic study of the fragments of Lucilius.
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This book is an introduction to the philosophy on Anaxagoras of Klazomenai (ca. 500-428 B.C.), which, following the pattern of the Phoenix Presocratics Series, "aims to make Anaxagoras and his ideas accessible to modern readers through translations of the ancient Greek and Latin texts and by providing explanatory notes and interpretive essays" (p. 3). The volume comprises three parts. Part I contains the Greek text and facing English translation of the fragments of Anaxagoras and their contexts. In Part II, the author presents her (philosophical rather than philological) notes on the fragments, and English translations of the testimonia according to the edition of Diels-Kranz. Part III is reserved for five essays on Anaxagoras and his philosophical background. There follows a list of notes meant as brief identifications of the sources for Anaxagoras. The book ends with a bibliography and four indexes.
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Markus Asper focuses on ancient Greek scientific and technical texts ("science writing"), which are often neglected by philologists and left to historians of science to deal with. His approach to these texts is taken from literary theory and criticism. On the example of Greek scientific texts, the author draws conclusions about the written transmission of knowledge in general.
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See a review by Mart LÄTTE in SHT 8.R.5 (2007), available online at http://www.ut.ee/klassik/sht/2007/8.R.5.html
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See a review by Liis RAAMAT in SHT 10.R.2 (2009), available online at http://www.ut.ee/klassik/sht/2009/10.R.2.html
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See a review by Amar ANNUS in SHT 8.R.2 (2007), available online at http://www.ut.ee/klassik/sht/2007/8.R.2.html
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See a review by Maris VALTIN in SHT 9.R.7 (2008), available online at http://www.ut.ee/klassik/sht/2008/9.R.7.html
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This is another welcome contribution to the study of ancient epistolography, which has become more and more popular in recent years. The volume, which has developed from the Ancient Letters Conference in 2004 (Manchester), focuses on the purpose of epistolary form: what epistolary features make the letter form especially attractive wherever another form might be available to the writer? A concise editors' preface is followed by an "Introduction: what is a letter?" (Roy K. Gibson and A. D. Morrison) and 14 essays exploring the varieties and rhetorical advantages of the letter form. These include "Down among the documents: criticism and papyrus letters" (G. O. Hutchinson), "'... when who should walk into the room but ...': epistolarity in Cicero, Ad Qfr 3.1" (John Henderson), "Cicero's 'stomach': political indignation and the use of repeated allusive expressions in Cicero's correspondence" (Stanley E. Hoffer), "Didacticism and epistolarity in Horace's Epistles 1" (A. D. Morrison), "The importance of form in Seneca's philosophical letters" (Brad Inwood), "Letters of recommendation and the rhetoric of praise" (Roger Rees), "Confidence, inuidia, and Pliny's epistolary curriculum" (Ruth Morello), "The letter's the thing (in Pliny, Book 7)" (William Fitzgerald), "The epistula in ancient scientific and technical literature, with special reference to medicine" (D. R. Langslow), "Back to Fronto: doctor and patient in his correspondence with an Emperor" (Annelise Freisenbruch), "Alciphron's epistolarity" (Jason König), "Better than speech: some advantages of the letter in the Second Sophistic" (Owen Hodkinson), "Mixed messages: the play of epistolary codes in two Late Antique Latin correspondences" (Jennifer Ebbeler) and "St Patrick and the art of allusion" (Andrew Fear, together with an appendix containing the Latin text of Patrick's "Epistola ad milites Corotici" and the English translation of it by David Howlett). The volume ends with joint bibliography, an index locorum and a general index.
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Theophanes was a lawyer and public figure from the Nile valley city of Hermopolis. In the early fourth century A.D. he made a six-month business-related journey to Antioch. The day-to-day details of this journey are preserved on papyrus documents covering everything from distances travelled to daily food purchases, medicinal supplies and fees paid for various services. This book contains translations of these documents and, even more importantly, places them in the wider context of the social history of the Graeco-Roman world. The author has also added translations of some papyrus letters involving Theophanes or written to him. This marvellously produced book makes it clear that Theophanes' memoranda are especially important for information on places outside the borders of Egypt, thus overcoming the limitation often felt of papyrological evidence. The book is amply illustrated with maps, plans, photos of papyri and art works.
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