16 December 2009

Rosati, Pierpaolo (2005) Logoi preplatonici tra logica e letteratura. Con uno scritto e una lettera di Guido Calogero. Bari: Levante. (Collana di studi e testi "le Rane": studi; 40.) 219 p. ISBN 88-7949-374-4. Price: €23.

This volume is a collection of Pierpaolo Rosati's previously published papers on ancient Preplatonic philosophy, particularly on Herakleitos, Demokritos, Protagoras and Prodikos (one in French, the others in Italian), together with some short reviews. In addition, it contains (as the subtitle indicates) a paper by Guido Calogero on Sokrates and a facsimile of one of his letters to the author of the volume. The final section is an updated bibliography on philosophers in question, compiled by Francesca Dinapoli. The book ends with an index of proper names.

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