16 December 2009

Bagnall, Roger S. (2006) Hellenistic and Roman Egypt: sources and approaches. Aldershot etc: Ashgate. (Variorum collected studies.) XII, 336 p. ISBN-10 0-7546-5906-2, ISBN-13 978-0-7546-5906-8. Price: £60.

This is a collection of 24 articles by Roger S. Bagnall, all previously published in the period of 1976-2005. It is divided into four sections: 1) Questions of method (3 papers: "Archaeological work on Hellenistic and Roman Egypt, 1995-2000", "Restoring the text of documents", "Evidence and models for the economy of Roman Egypt"); 2) Hellenistic Egypt (8 papers: "The date of the foundation of Alexandria", "Papyrology and Ptolemaic history: 1956-1980", "Decolonizing Ptolemaic Egypt", "Archagathos son of Agathocles, Epistates of Libya", "The origins of Ptolemaic Cleruchs", "Alexandria: library of dreams", "Dioskourides: three rolls", "An unrecognized date by the rebellion of 131 B.C."); 3) Roman Egypt (7 papers: "Publius Petronius, Augustan prefect of Egypt", "The beginnings of the Roman census in Egypt", "The people of the Roman Fayum", "Egypt and the Lex Minicia", "A trick a day to keep the tax man at bay? The prostitute tax in Roman Egypt", "Managing estates in Roman Egypt: a review article", "Army and police in Roman Upper Egypt"); 4) Late Antiquity (6 papers: "Public administration and the documentation of Roman Panapolis", "The date of the Hermopolite land registers: a review article", "Les lettres privées des femmes: un choix de langue en Égypte byzantine", "Monks and property: rhetoric, law, and patronage in the Apophthegmata Patrum and the papyri", "Women's petitions in late antique Egypt", "Greek papyri and Coptic studies, 1990-1995"). The volume ends with an Addenda section including notes on some of the papers, a brief index of subjects and an index of texts.

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