16 December 2009

Donati, Natascia; Stefanetti, Patrizia (2006) Dies natalis: i calendari romani e gli anniversari dei culti. Roma: Quasar. 201 p. ISBN 88-7140-295-2. Price: €32.

This large-format volume is in a way an appendix to the Lexicon Topographicum Urbis Romae (LTUR), also published by Quasar. It originates from the authors' theses supervised by Filippo Coarelli, who has written a preface to the book. Donati and Stefanetti follow the tradition that was established by Theodor Mommsen in the first volume of Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (1862), where he published the Roman epigraphical calendar (Fasti anni Numani et Iuliani), and continued a century later by Attilio Degrassi in his Fasti anni Numani et Iuliani, Inscriptiones Italicae XIII 2 (Roma 1963). Not surprisingly, the volume is divided into twelve chapters, each focusing on one month of the year, whereby the first half of the year is based on the thesis of N. Donati and the second half of the year on that of P. Stefanetti. There follows a conclusion and an appendix on Fasti, presenting a general structure of the months. The book ends with a representative bibliography.

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